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OK, so it seems my comments regarding the gods were somewhat premature. Thanks to the UK Monsoon season, my car broke down on Friday driving home from work. Water in the engine is the diagnosis, the solution? Aparently, I have to open my wallet and look away as a financial bloodbath ensues.

On a brighter note, it looks like I passed a little Acrobat exam I took last week so maybe I might know what I'm talking about. With that in mind, a little tip for someone who recently asked me about eForms. I showed the distribute forms wizard that allows a form to be distributed and the results merged.

This provoked interest in maybe merging forms created before this feature was available, luckily, this isn't to hard to achieve....

1. Open the Forms menu and select "Manage Form Data"
2. In the sub menu select "Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet"
3. A dialog window appears and asks you to add the forms you wish to merge.
4. Select the forms and click and a dialog window opens allowing you to export the form data to a .csv file
5. You can now open the merged data in Excel

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