3 Days to go


OK first of all I confess, I'm less preoccupied with Acrobat than normal, it's 3 days until me wedding so I'm cutting myself some slack on that one.

Still, I'm not completely off the job yet, so here's something I showed yesterday to a major Pharaceutical company (did I spell Pharamaceutical right?)

They use AutoCad to create their packaging designs and want to share them, PFD/Acrobat/Reader is the preferred delivery mechanism for information (clever fellows), so what to do with those pesky DWG files. No-one wants to learn another application... (whisper DWF viewer), so Acrobat 8 made this task a whole lot easier.....

In Acrobat 7 we gave you the ability to work from your AutoCAD environment and save as a PFD. But to get that AutoCAD drawing into a PDF without having AutoCAD on your machine? No problem, with Acrobat 8 Professional it is a simple drag and drop.

1. Open Acrobat 8 Professional
2. Select your DWG file
3. Drag and Drop it into the Acrobat window
4. Save as...

Or, for the truly lazy amongst us......

1. Right click on the DWG file
2. Select the "Convert to Adobe PDF" option
3. Share the file with anyone using the free Adobe Reader, communicate, collaborate in confidence
4. Sit back and feel smug

Anyway, back to the impending nuptuals, the expediture is reay under control, having said that, I have considered selling one of my Kidneys on eBay........ This does sem like a lot of hard work just to get a holiday in the Maldives.


Good luck with it all, Steve, and enjoy your honeymoon.

Steve: this is really interesting.

We're totally sober.

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