Has summer arrived in England?

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Has summer arrived finally in England? Well, it's warm andvaguely sunny so I guess that must be it, let's hope it lasts for more than 3 days.

Just a quick link, Jonathan Ferman, Adobe UK's Creative Publishing guru, has now returned from honeymoon and (all dewey eyed in love) spotted this useful free application....

If during a demo you want to zoom in on part of your screen it’s easy on a Mac (Just hold down the CTRL key and use the scroll ball or Trackpad), but on Windows you need a utility, here’s one I found that is free. You may find better but hopefully this will be a good start:

Virtual Magnifying Glass 3.3
A free, open source, screen magnifier, for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.


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Steve - your readers might find that the trackpad trick requires a newer laptop and using two fingers on the trackpad; older macs can use the accessibility features built in to Tiger (OS X 10.4) - zoom in by using Cmd Alt = and out with Cmd Alt -.
Good luck with the forthcoming wedding. Tony.

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