I'm ACE, it's official!!


Well, if it wasn't always clear enough, I'm officially ACE!!

It's nice to be ratified by an official body. I've passed my Adobe ACE exam, so now I'm an certified Expert in Acrobat. I passed with 86% which I think means that when I tell you things about Acrobat, nearly nine times out of ten, I'm telling the truth....

More importantly, I can now wear my "Acrobat Guru" polo shirt without feeling like a charlatan and a fraud. Now all I need is to be invited to a slightly geeky party........


Congrats my felllow ACE.

So, where can I get my Acrobat Guru shirt? :)

I thought ACE meant Adobe Community Experts and the term "ACE" cannot be used on its own but is just an internal reference amongst Adobe and its evangelist!

I believe ACE stands for Adobe Certified Expert....

Well done, Steve.

That test is a bitch huh. I just failed 3 different ones in a row. haha. Cheers mate

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