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Acrobat in Manufacturing part 2


I also meant to add that we spent some time oposite the Leica stand. They have a range of 3D spatial scanning tools, creating point cloud scans of objects and locations. How neat would that be to capture their scanning in an Acrobat document......

Steve in scan.jpg

I have some holes and gaps but hey, it's me!! Does my ego know no bounds?

Acrobat in Manufacturing

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Well, it seems like I've not been in for a week. I've not been skivving off.... now there's a thought. Anyway, we've had a busy week.

First of all, time was well spent preparing for the TCT show, what's TCT? Time Compression Technologies..... yes, I've been working on our DeLorean for some 'Back to the Future' type antics. Alternatively, I may have been preparing 14 laptops for a Manufacturing show based around he premise of reducing the design to production process.... compressing the time taken to get products to market, using new technologies.

That was a mouthfull.

So, TCT turned out to be a great show based at the Ricoh arena, home to Coventry City FC. Now I'll be honest, as a Manchester United fan, Coventry City was the last place I needed to be on Wednesday and Thursday last week as Coventry City beat my beloved Man U 2-0 in the Carling Cup.

Delegates were surprised to see how Acrobat 3D Version 8 was able to capture a 3D model including it's 100% accurate model geometry from arund 35 different native CAD systems.

Those models can then be commented upon, redlined, exported to IGES, Parasolid, STEP, and VRML, nice vanilla formats that allow for a multitude of other uses.

AIIM Dublin - Acrobat 3D

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Just returned from a really bustling 2 day conference in Dublin organised by AIIM called, Info Ireland. More on the conference tomorrow, but I must recommend "Shanahans on the Green", an upscale restaurant that serves the best steak I think I've ever eaten.

Oh yes, Acrobat nd the like, well, I'll update you on how the event went in the morning, I'm bushed just now...... Well sufice to say, I was surprised about the number of people expressing an interest in Acrobat 3D. It seems it has taken a while for the real capabilities of the product to be picked up upon by people but it's starting to become a regular feature of our events.

Take a look for yourself....

Reader 8.1.1 on Linux


For my Linix using friends, both of them, I'm late with the news but we have released an update for the Adobe Reader on Linux and SPARC Solaris.

Adobe Reader 8.1.1 for Solaris and Linux brings the UI up to date, has improved performance, single document interface mode, and an always-available search toolbar. Other new features include supporting multimedia-enabled PDF documents, new tools, updated review tracker, Orca accessibility support, and enhanced digital ID security.

To be honest, there's a whole lot of other stuff that's new, but my Linux skills are not up to scratch, so I'll point you to a colleagues blog if that's OK with you...

Well, I'm going to get back to my own suffering after England capitulated to a powerful and well organised South African Springboks side last night..... well, I did always prefer tiddlywinks to Rugby anyay....

MacWorld Article

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In between a Jaffa Cake breakfast and clearing my overnight emails, I was pointed towards a short article in MacWorld. Worth a read, if only to remind yourself that things like Rubylith and PageMill....

And yes, I ate 3, I've been in the office for an hour the office and it's 07:34..... time to get a life, Stevie boy!

Adobe - AIR iPhone


OK, so this isn't strictly an Acrobat entry but I haven't spoken to you in a couple of days and I worry that you might think I don't love you any more....

So, just a fun kind of iPhone simulator. It can run as a browser and rotate just like an iPhone, you can even zoom in, like the pinch effect (just hold down the space bar and then click and drag diagonally). It might be a nice demo application particularly until the iPhone is released over here. You are not tied to any contract, it’s totally free and quite fun.

....and just so you know, I do love you, in a platonic, not naughty way.

Oh yes, and finally, for those people who have asked me what kind of woman would want to marry me.... well, it's this kind.....


Ain't she gorgeous.

A call to PDF Developers

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To all PDF developers, and I know you're out there....

The PDF Developer Junkie blog has been re-launched, with new content. The blog provides resources for Acrobat developers and IT professionals working with PDF, sharing best practices, tricks and tips and seminars on demand.

Peruse the blog, go on.... I won't tell your so called "cool" friends you looked....... :-)

Product reviews

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well, I'm back with my feet under my desk and I have returned to evangelist mode, so please excuse me the following 2 links. Both url's take you to reviews on Amazon of some competitive software to Acrobat 8. I will not add any other comments here, just take a look for yourself........

Well, I feel bad about the title, I'm not really going to talk about new things in Acrobat 8, I was just feeling guilty because I'm back at work and feel the need to evangelise!!

So, I would like to point you, dear reader to a very good Blog written by a friend of ours call Ted Padova. Ted is the author of numerous books on Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and the Adobe Creative Suite, and an international speaker on Adobe Acrobat, Ted Padova is a well-known PDF guru.

Ted is not an Adobe employee and as a result walks around with a big happy smile on his face? Want to see? Check the url above for the proof!

Perhaps it's married life that has brought on this case of work related guilt. I'm keen to work hard, show my value and earn enough to feed my wife's shoe habit.... am I kidding? Well I've already started taking orders from her for an upcoming trip to the US, it looks like I'll be spending a lot of time in Macy's.

I'm BaaaaaAAAck!

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Hiya all, just a quick entry to say I'm back from my Wedding and Honeymoon. I have to say, after 3 weeks in the Maldives, I'm having trouble with shoes and socks, let alone business, Acrobat, customers, sales numbers etc.

So, I'll start by trawling through the email I've missed over the past 3 weeks and I'll get back to you later.