Acrobat in Manufacturing

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Well, it seems like I've not been in for a week. I've not been skivving off.... now there's a thought. Anyway, we've had a busy week.

First of all, time was well spent preparing for the TCT show, what's TCT? Time Compression Technologies..... yes, I've been working on our DeLorean for some 'Back to the Future' type antics. Alternatively, I may have been preparing 14 laptops for a Manufacturing show based around he premise of reducing the design to production process.... compressing the time taken to get products to market, using new technologies.

That was a mouthfull.

So, TCT turned out to be a great show based at the Ricoh arena, home to Coventry City FC. Now I'll be honest, as a Manchester United fan, Coventry City was the last place I needed to be on Wednesday and Thursday last week as Coventry City beat my beloved Man U 2-0 in the Carling Cup.

Delegates were surprised to see how Acrobat 3D Version 8 was able to capture a 3D model including it's 100% accurate model geometry from arund 35 different native CAD systems.

Those models can then be commented upon, redlined, exported to IGES, Parasolid, STEP, and VRML, nice vanilla formats that allow for a multitude of other uses.

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