Adobe - AIR iPhone


OK, so this isn't strictly an Acrobat entry but I haven't spoken to you in a couple of days and I worry that you might think I don't love you any more....

So, just a fun kind of iPhone simulator. It can run as a browser and rotate just like an iPhone, you can even zoom in, like the pinch effect (just hold down the space bar and then click and drag diagonally). It might be a nice demo application particularly until the iPhone is released over here. You are not tied to any contract, it’s totally free and quite fun.

....and just so you know, I do love you, in a platonic, not naughty way.

Oh yes, and finally, for those people who have asked me what kind of woman would want to marry me.... well, it's this kind.....


Ain't she gorgeous.


WOW! is an under-statement. seriously fabulous.

I cannot get adobe on my iPhone.

I cannot get adobe on my iPhone.

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