Sooooooooo, Acrobat 8 new stuff then

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Well, I feel bad about the title, I'm not really going to talk about new things in Acrobat 8, I was just feeling guilty because I'm back at work and feel the need to evangelise!!

So, I would like to point you, dear reader to a very good Blog written by a friend of ours call Ted Padova. Ted is the author of numerous books on Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and the Adobe Creative Suite, and an international speaker on Adobe Acrobat, Ted Padova is a well-known PDF guru.

Ted is not an Adobe employee and as a result walks around with a big happy smile on his face? Want to see? Check the url above for the proof!

Perhaps it's married life that has brought on this case of work related guilt. I'm keen to work hard, show my value and earn enough to feed my wife's shoe habit.... am I kidding? Well I've already started taking orders from her for an upcoming trip to the US, it looks like I'll be spending a lot of time in Macy's.

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Nice to have you back, Steve. Ted's "Adobe Acrobat PDF Bible"
is a very comprehensive and well-written book - for under twenty quid (on Amazon) at the moment too!

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