Acrobat competition and more

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Well, I have to apologise, I haven't updated in a few days (four I think)..

So this week seems to have been about articulating the differences between the full-on "Gold Standard" (Not my words, but a quote from a US based computer magazine) Adobe Acrobat and other PDF creation software. Now there are lots and lots of blogs and websites that will point out the deficincies of some other products in relation to Acrobat, so I won't labout those points here, but it made for a busy week. The main thing I see is that these 'clone' products seem to come and go over a period of time, whereas Adobe and Acrobat keeps on enduring.

If you want to read up a little more on Acrobat I would suggest you head over to the rest of....

Of special note at the moment is the new Acrobat 3D contest......

To be honest, I didn't realise how hard it would be to spend 5-6 hours recording my voice talking constantly. I know my friends might disagree with that last statement. What I have found out is that my voice is "ordinary".... yup "ordinary". I have to say, that deflated my ego a tad. I always hoped I might have a distictive style, a poor mans James Earl Jones, but nope, it seems that I might have middle England sewn up though.

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Finally a real sport! You don't really realise how big these guy's are until you see them walking nextto a 'normal' guy ;-)

(btw: Small typo error in the '' link).

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