Acrobat in the Church

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Today (in around 30 minutes) I'm off to this year’s conference for the Communication Directors of the Church of England to run a couple of Acrobat seminars. This will be interesting for me as I normally look to similar events I've done in similar "comapnies"....

Checking back, I haven't run similar events for the Catholic Church, the Baptists, Jewish Community, Muslims, Bhuddists, etc... There's a good chance I'll learn more today than imarting knowledge, but we'll see. (apologies to any major religion I omitted in that list)

As time progresses towards end of year, all sales organisations go into overdrive, I'll try and keep up to date on any new stuff that comes along.

Speaking of which........ On Oct. 5, Adobe posted information on its Security Bulletins and Advisories page about the recently reported vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat for Windows. The full statement is available at:

Having now researched and verified the vulnerability, Adobe expects to provide before the end of October an update to versions 8.1 of Adobe Reader and Acrobat that will resolve the issue. A security bulletin will be published on the company's Security Bulletins and Advisories page at which point the update is available. In the meantime, Adobe is also making available information about a workaround users can implement to protect themselves from the vulnerability. And, as always, Adobe recommends users exercise skepticism and caution when in receipt of unsolicited e-mail communications requesting user action, such as opening attachments or clicking web links.

1 Comment

(apologies to any major religion I omitted in that list)------------------------------ Hinduism ;-)

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