Acrobat - Steve's the voice of reason!?!


We have reached the time of year when people want to start planning for the next one, at the same time as we are also running around trying to put the current year to bed. Seems like I'm planning Christmas, Easter and the next Summer holiday all at the same time! Luckily, I'm only talking about work which is much easier to deal with.

Spent a couple of days this week starting the planning process for 2008 for Acrobat. I'm looking forward to geting in front of as many people as possible again next year, but am also hoping to spend a bit more time presenting virtually. My coleagues think i'm only just virtually presenting as it is but I hope to use Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional (mouthful!) to run a lot more eSeminars, training and other events. I'll try to keep you posted from here.

I took a day to record some voiceovers for our training academy, I'll be the voice of the training modules for Acrobat and maybe some other products, apologies if you're having to sit through them. I'll try to make the next few a little less dry and a little more entertaining. I do hope they sound OK, maybe a carreer in radio commercials is beckoning?

Well, I haven't included one for ages. Acrobat s a great tool for archiving information, as we know, the resultant PDF file can be searched on content.. So much better than some other formats people use. So, a quick tip if you create and share large PDF files, ones with lots of pages. You can embed the search index and it will make subsequent searching much faster.....

1. Use the Advanced > Document Processingí¯€ > Manage Embedded Index ..... Menu option
2. Acrobat will then create and embed a search index
3. Anyone can now search this PDF more quickly, choose Edití¯€ > Search


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