Acrobat tracks forms, England expects!


It's friday and I've been looking for ways to avoid thinking about the upcomming Rugby World Cup semi-final between France and the Mighty England (like the use of capitals there?)

In the exciting world of electronic forms, I've been looking at the Tracker in Acrobat.... The Forms Tracker is a panel of the same window in which you track PDF reviews and subscriptions.... it also had a neat RSS reader too....

Did you know that? You get an RSS reader in Acrobat, go take a look, it will probably be sitting there on your system tray..... anyway...

There are several ways to open the Forms Tracker:

1. Choose Forms > Track Forms.

2. In the Tasks toolbar, choose Track Forms from the Forms button pop-up menu.

In the Review Tracker window (opened by choosing Comments > Review Tracker), click the Forms Tracker button on the left side of the window.

Four buttons appear on the left side of the Forms Tracker. Each one opens a different panel when clicked: To Do, History, Search Results, and Forms Library. These panels can remind you of the status of various forms that are part of your workflow and make it easy to find and reopen those forms.

You add a form to the Forms Library panel during the forms-distribution process. At the end of the Distribute Form wizard, a message appears, stating that the form has been sent to your default email application. This message also includes an Add To My Form Library option.

This means you can actually track and manage the electronic forms you are using, not real workflow, but almost. All this in the standard application that you bought for making PDF's from your MS Word documents..... don't worry, you can thank me later.

and by the way.... COME ON ENGLAND!


Come one Chris, comment on this, I'm calling you out!!

Come one England

Come one England

Come one England

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