Acrobat - Watermarking pages for security and presentation


I was talking last week about security to a number of people. We talked about the "Save as certified" option, which is an easy way to add a digital certificate to a document, kind of like a wax seal.

Later, on the drive home, I considered how most information leakage occurrs by accident rather than malicious design. So, it put me in mind of another conversation I'd had a few months ago regarding using watermarks to very clearly display if something was "Company Confidential" or "Internal use only". This is an easy way to help prevent the unintentional distribution of sensitive material.

You can give your PDF documents a watermark very easily...

1. Open a PDF and go to Document > Watermark > Add
2. For the Source, you can either type in text or use an image. If you use an image, choose and then click and choose an image.
(After choosing your image you’ll see a preview of your PDF with the watermark)
3. To improve the document readability with regards the watermark’s appearance, you can change the Opacity down to 30% and for the Location of the watermark choose .
4. You can also adjust where the watermark appears on the page in the Position section.
5. Click and see how that looks.

This gives you a document that can clearly state it's usability status.

You also have the option to make the watermark visible only in print rather than on screen too.


Hi Steve
well i am currently researching on diffrent DRM systems and how they work, i have looked on the options in the adobes livecycle, and the other features in adobe acrobat8
i had a question does adobe have digital watermarks which can be covert/nonvisible and if the document is distributed by some one and it was issued to him with a specific, non visible watermark it can be traced back to usign email address of the person when he accuired the doument to insert a watermark(notvisible) and that can be checked with some specific application

I am interested in this info too. The company that I work for sells products in a pdf format and we are looking for a way to implement a hidden digital watermark for leak tracking.

I am interested in knowing how to watermark a folder containing photos in one go. Doing one at a time is very time consuming.

Does Adobe have a product that allows watermarking of a downloaded PDF file with a name (like "Downloaded by [USER] on [DATE]" on download from a secure server? I would appreciate any help with this. This is a way of tracking unauthorized sharing of PDF files. I know that Highwire Press does this, and I would like to implement this technology here.

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