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Late last week, Apple announced the release of Apple OSX Leopard for its computers. Nice, I've had a look and must get myself a copy. It was also nice to watch the guided tour and see that the first thing they did was to view and download a PDF document, well done Apple, kudos to you.

On that subject, Adobe has moved quickly to make sure our products work on this cool new operating system. Thanks to close collaboration between Adobe and Apple, most of the Creative Suite 3 (CS3) applications and associated technologies, such as Adobe Bridge CS3, Version Cue CS3, and Device Central CS3, are compatible with Mac OS X Leopard without requiring additional updates.

However, the following CS3 applications will require updates for full compatibility with Leopard: Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and our professional video applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, After Effects CS3 Professional, Encore CS3, and Soundbooth CS3.

We expect to publish free Leopard compatibility updates for the video applications in December 2007 and for Acrobat 8 Professional and Adobe Reader 8 in January 2008.

For more information, take a look at the FAQ we have produced, it can be found here.....

Hope this helps.....



I would be willing to read the FAQ if it weren’t needlessly a PDF. Welcome to the Web, Adobe.

Did you know there are over 250million PDF's on the web, I'd say it's a web technology wouldn't you?

So let's be clear about this. Adobe has known about Leopard for a long time but professional users who need to create high res pdfs to print are going to have to wait three months for a compatibility upgrade - that doesn't sound very good.

Hiya, well I understand the concern, but development cycles simply meant that Acrobat has had to wait a couple of months for the upgrade, I'm suffering too. Don't forget, if you're making your PDF's from our Creative applications then you can make PDF's now.

Hi Steve, I'm on the phone with Adobe now but no one seems to be able to answer the question.

I have been waiting to purchase a new MAC with Adobe CS3 design premium for two months in anticipation of Leopard. I publish a monthly magazine using Indesign as well as Photoshop and Illustrator. I am greatly concerned that the unresolved issues with Leopard will affect my ability to send the finished publication to my commercial printer.

I have asked the printer to check for other clients who are using Acrobat CS3 on a Leopard Mac... they are looking into it. I've been on hold with Adobe TS for some time and thought I would ask here.

Can you confirm that a brand new Mac Leopard with the latest version of CS3 will allow me to publish a press quality PDF?

Yes, I can confirm that a brand new Mac Leopard with CS3 willallow you to publish press quality PDF. Leopard (or any OS) is irrelevant to the CS3 apps that can create PDF natively. We create the PDF through the PDF Library rather than the print stream.

For Adobe to have missed the boat on what is now an essential tool (Acrobat) is not good. I don't know if there is squabbling between Apple and Adobe, but it is Adobe's customers who are paying the price (and my CS3 was a big price). First no Shockwave for Intel Macs, now no Acrobat for Leopard. This is not good!

Well, I don't think we've missed the boat. You can still create Adobe PDF's from CS3 applications. Apple and Adobe get on very well, it's ust that this release of Leopard came at a poor time for the Acrobat development cycle. Still I appreciate that if you've just bought CS3 for your Leopard machine, it's annoying that Acrobat isn't updated for a couple of months. I just hope you can bear with us on this one.

Thanks "Stevie!"

I just purchased Adobe CS3 Design Premium based on your assurance... well that and a plan "B" to send the InDesign package to the printer.

I am willing to wait a few months for the bugs to get worked out.

FWIW: I'm a long time PC user (since 1987) and MS partner through my web development. I made the leap to Mac and Adobe this year because of the print industry requirements. I've always been pleased with Adobe's products and look forward to jumping on the CS3 learning curve.

Thanks again.

The pdf is very basic -- it simply lists things as "compatible" or "incompatible," or in the case of Acrobat Pro and Reader, it gives the even less useful statement "Requires Upgrade for Full Compatibility" (with the upgrade expected in January).

So which parts of Acrobat and Reader are and are NOT compatible???

I rely heavily on both of these applications, so I need to know what functionality I am going to lose while I wait for the update. And given that most Acrobat Updates on the Mac for the past 2 years have been both overdue and extremely buggy, I for one am not will to take the January promise on faith.

Depending on how serious the current incompatibility is, I might be better to wait on switching to Leopard. But Adobe failed to give us the information we need to make that decision.

I still have no idea what a "BDM" is, but if being one helps your dig any deeper than that frustrating vague pdf notice on Leopard compatibility, the additional information would be greatly appreciated.


I've been listening to your comments and I've asked my colleagues in product development for some more detail on this. I'll try to keep you posted as best I can.

My issue is trying to print to PDF from MS Word or any other document to PDF in Leopard. Guess what? The Adobe Acrobat "printer" in the "Printer Setup Utility" is what gets blown out when trying to print to PDF.

BTW, I did not get version 8.1.1 loaded as an automatic update and the Adobe Acrobat Patch also did not install properly. My AA8 Professional now shows it is running 8.1.1 but only after I loaded the patch into the Adobe aCrobat folder and then clicked on it from inside AA8 to "open" it. The regular install method wanted me to select the application, but it was grayed out.

I figured the issue was in the Adobe Distiller. Now I'm thinking it is in Leopard's function of producing a "print to PDF" or a combination thereof.

I'm using an iMac Pre-Intel.

Try using Leopard's Safari to open PDF files. They will open and will allow printing. I didn't try modifying but at least it allows examination of PDF files (I have hundreds of journal articles saved and I didn't think I could wait until January.

Thanks for the continued comments, I am feeding them back to my colleagues in product management.

I'm curious - is it just the Acrobat PRINTER that's not working in Leopard? Could I manipulate existing PDFs and save them, using Acrobat Pro? I typically produce PDFs from InDesign and then add a few boilerplate pages, which are already in PDF, to the end using Combine Files.

Banging head on keyboard... Is it January yet? I need to convert HTML files into linked PDFs. It was a snap until I upgraded to Leopard...

Get a Mac!
No need to spend time configuring stuff and downloading patches and stuff.
It just works!
Hold on... this is about Mac isn't it?... ;)

Not to mention the troubles we're having here: 20 G5 clients which, since upgrading to CS3, are so slow that it's become almost impossible to work efficiently. It looks like CS3 was primarily coded to run well on Intel Macs, making it really slow on G5 and earlier machines. We're going to have to invest in 20 MacPro workstations now. Good for Apple, not for us :(

It's simply inexcusable that Adobe didn't have Acrobat ready for Leopard. Period.

If Adobe Acrobat printer, MS word and Leopard are not 100% compatible then the advertising for all three products should clearly state this. Otherwise customers quite rightly feel cheated when they buy and frustrated when they waste days of work time finding out. Simple: honesty in advertising.

I'm not surprised. I've tried dealing with Adobe for simple things like a refund, and it took 3 months to get it. Their customer support was useless. No more benefit of the doubt for them with me. When it works, I'll pay them for the product. Not a minute before.

I have to report that Stevie was right! I have a brand new MacPro that came with Tiger pre-installed. I installed CS3 Design Premium and then found the Leopard disk. I installed Leopard and then created my December issue of the magazine. (52 page full color area events guide.) InDesign created the PDF and the press people had no trouble with it.

Thanks for the assurance Steve! I probably would have delayed my purchase of the Adobe software until after the patches released had you not offered it. I am very pleased with my decision to purchase. The CS3 software is very good!

I find it disgusting that a simple thing like making a pdf from Word was impossible with the Leopard upgrade. Leopard to me was like a Windows upgrade, full of little errors that piss you off. but Adobe working closely and not doing their flagship product is a bit more in trouble with me.

I rely on Acrobat for OCR and PDF generation. I'd like to see it updated for December, and the video apps pushed back till January....

But seriously, come on! Why is there a delay at all? Adobe is the world's second largest software company! Surely it can do better for Mac users? Put some more resources on this and get it done.

Hey, I've been through the stress of enduring without ease of pdf printing, and so I hunted down this fix to apply after the lepoard update.

And here's the link:

This discussion has been bouncing around the tech support discussion boards on Adobe's website as well. Here's a quick fix until Apple and Adobe manage to work things out with PDF creation via the PDF virtual printer (thanks to website for the initial fix). It works for me.

In Terminal type the following if you are using Acrobat 7.x:

sudo chmod 4755 /usr/libexec/cups/backend/pdf700

In Terminal type the following if you are using Acrobat 8.x:

sudo chmod 4755 /usr/libexec/cups/backend/pdf800

In either case, you will be prompted for your admin password to approve the permissions change. You won't see any sort of visual confirmation that the file was modified successfully, but you should now be able to create PDFs using the virtual PDF printer.

This will probably revert back to the original permissions if you do a permissions repair, so keep the instructions handy just in case.

Well, the end of January has come and gone, and still no update. My billing program and all of my reports are "printed to PDF" so it's not enough to just point at things saving to PDF natively in Adobe applications. I need the Acrobat printer to work...period.

This is so irritating and I'm really becoming disillusioned with Adobe. It's not like you guys didn't have plenty of time to work this out.

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