T Minus 8 hours!!

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Phil Vickery, "Raging Bull" looking pretty focused, I just wish he was still at Gloucester. Anyway, 9 hours to go and the nerves have already set in.

The upside is that England go into the World Cup Final (for my American friends, this is like a World Series, but we invite teams from other countries to take part.... hence the "World" element) ... as underdogs, I know the team don't like to hear that, but it's true. If we lose I'll be gutted, but only 4 weeks ago, we were being touted as the wost defenders of the Webb Ellis trophy ever, so to reach the Final is pretty special.

Kudos to my colleagues who are making the trip to Paris, I'll be back in Blighty feeling a tad jealous, I see you were sung off from Waterloo station this morning....



I don't care if we play 80 minutes of "stick it up yer jumper" rugby.

Right, off for a lie down in a darkened room with a wet flanel on my forehead.

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