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Well, this is the second time today I've typed this blog entry, don't you just love it when your browser software does the unexpected and just switches itself off? I know I do, it cetrainly doesn't frustrate and annoy to the point where you want to turn your laptop into a frisbee and send it clear across the office..... nope, not at all, it's a breeze really.

I was prompted to pop an entry in because I had noticed that it had been a whole week since I'd posted and I always said I'd not do the standard blogging thing of posting heavily for a few weeks then getting distracted by a passing buterfly and fogetting where I lived.

Sooooo, I saw a nice post in another Blog today, so I thought I'd share....
It's a nice antidote to the normal office/enterprise type of comments and emails I get.

November 30th is the end of our financial year at Adobe, so as you can imagine, November gets pretty busy and always manages to surprise. Yesterday for example, I was asked if Acrobat could add watermarks to existing documents and indeed it can, it's one of those features I don't demonstrate these days but is really usefull for lots of people.

Checkout the Document > Watermark menu options. You can add watermarks in differing fonts, from text files, with many display options including orientation and opacity. You can decide if the watermark is shown on-screen and/or in print etc. Well worth exploring if you distribute information of differing security or sensitivity levels regularly.

In case I didn't mention it before, we also had a great event last week, the Adobe Business Exchange, held in Gloucester st. London. The event was primarily aimed at people using Adobe's LiveCycle range of business transformation products, but as always, most people there used Acrobat too, so I was kept very busy answering questions and explaining the relationship between Acrobat, Connect and LiveCycle.

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Hey Steve

Does Mrs. P know that you're after hugs from other women already ;-)
Don't forget you can also use graphics files (including Illustrator) as watermarks too.

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