Post Thanksgiving

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I know a little of what Thanksgiving's all about, but being back in Blighty, the only thing I notice is a distict lack of emails from my colleagues in the US. I hope you've all had a good time over the last few days. I believe also that last friday signalled the start of the Christmas shopping season.

I'll be over in San Jose shortly for our kick-off event, but forst we have to finish off the financial year. I'm talking with customers in every vertical market sctor you could think of, Financial, Government, Manufacturing, Marketing, everyone really. Most unusually, I was trying to get 3D models from the Lego modeller application captured into Acrobat 3D. I almost succeeded too.

On the product side, there's also a great link from the Acrobat user community, our friend/guru Ted Padova has taken to the next level his generosity for freely sharing with the user community his wealth of product expertise. In addition to routinely dispensing nuggets of PDF-oriented knowledge via his blog, he's now put together a compilation of "101 of my favorite tips and frequently used tasks in Acrobat, JavaScript and LiveCycle Designer" in eBook format, and is offering it as a free download.

Thanks Ted! Now that takes me back to Craggy Island in the 90's


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