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Acrobat 3D Version8 - Article

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A nice littlepiece on Acrobat 3D that I missed until today....

Open Marketplace: Adobe technology makes MFG.com an easier place to buy, sell goods
In Manufacturing Business Technology, Malcolm Wheatley writes: “MFG.com ... recently completed a major revamp of its platform, leveraging technology from Adobe Systems. “MFG.com made Adobe Acrobat 3D its standard tool for viewing CAD data, allowing buyers and sellers to freely exchange 2D and 3D geometry together with manufacturing information. Standardizing on Adobe Acrobat 3D eliminated concerns about protecting intellectual property as it travels across the global network.”

Here's the link for the full article


Surprisingly good!

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Yup, surprisingly good indeed, when I last wrote at the BETT show, I was halfway through the event and finishing a presentation I was planning to deliver a few times on the last two days of the event. Well, I was plesantly surprised by the reaction to it, I was talking about how Acrobat can be used for the production and maintenance of Student ePortfolios.

These are significantly different from a showcase type of portfolio, since we need to cater for transactional data, potentially collect all student work, archive for long periods and allow for refection and feedback whilst providing the right level of access security and rights control. Truly a living breathing document.... and of course, all easily achievable with Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional.

So, I had lots of interested education professionals listening and a host of questions after, a couple of invitations to visit and re-present the presentation (including one from the US). Tell you what, I'm happy. So if anyone out there wants to know what I think on the subject, drop me a comment.....

In other great news, Man United did a bit of a demolition job on Newcastle, let's hope the return of King Kevin helps them out a bit.... I believe he "would love it" if he could beat us... Keep trying Kev, keep trying.

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Thanks to my colleague Jim Merry who reminds us that the deadline to submit entries for the Adobe Acrobat 3D PDF Contest is approaching. It is extremely easy to enter, you don't even need to own a copy of Acrobat 3D, and you can win tasty prizes like...

Super prizes like an iPhone, a Dell Laptop, a 3D mouse, or a free copy of Acrobat 3D! At a minimum, all you need to do is convert a CAD file you already have to PDF and submit via our website. You can find the details for the contest here....


BETT - Acrobat in Education

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So, we are 2 days into the BETT Education conference/exhibition at Olympia in London. 50% done, 50% to go and it's been a good event thus far.

Lots of interest from many different parties in the use of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Connect. Acrobat seems to be of interest rigt at the moment with respect to it's use in electronic student portfolios (ePortfolios). These living, changing documents allow students to build up a varied body of their work, use this for assessment, peer review and as a record of their development.

The way forward for eportfolios is unclear at the moment, the web often being touted as a panacea. No standards exist yet in this area and until ones emerge, perhaps it's best to think of using an information capture format that's managed by ISO (see below).... supports electronic documents, paper documents, multimedia, full commenting and review and runs well on around 90% of the worlds desktops.....with a high level ofcontent security...... I wonder.......


PDF - ISO Standard

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At a recent meeting, the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) voted to approve Adobe’s PDF as an international document format standard. The vote was passed with 13-to-one in favour and PDF is set to become the ISO 32000 Standard. As a result, Adobe will no longer have sole control over what is already the de facto standard for sharing, editing and commenting on documents between multiple platforms. ‘Adobe will be just one of many implementers of that standard. Adobe expects to participate on the ISO committees determining changes that should be included in a revised standard,’ said James King, a senior principle scientist and PDF architect at Adobe.

I'm just pleased ISO have given PDF an easy to remember standard number ISO32000 rolls off the tongue!

Acrobat 3D - Site update!


As a follow up to my previous post, I should point you towards the redesigned Acrobat 3D section of the new Adobe website.... The entire Adobe website has undergone a significant overhaul including the Acrobat 3D section. In addition to rearranging the navigation tools and existing content to make it easier to find the information and resources from the old site, there's a lot more content available.

Here are some useful direct links

Acrobat 3D Product Page

Acrobat 3D 'Evaluation Center'
The first area to check out is the new Acrobat 3D 'Evaluation Center' where you will find demos, presentations, archived online seminars and an Interactive Simulator' (A3D-IS).

Acrobat 3D Online Discussion Forum
There are lots of different online forums and user groups that enable you to talk with other people interested in Acrobat 3D. There is an Adobe Forum for Acrobat 3D as well as an Acrobat Online User Group that has multiple forums including one devoted to 3D.

Sample 3D PDFs
I'm often asked if there are sample PDFs with 3D content available for download. You will find over 20 PDF files here that with examples of 3D content from the automotive, aerospace, machinery, eletronics, architecture, engineering and construction industries and some that have examples of technical publications with 3D interactive content.

Free 30 Day Trial
If you would like to try Acrobat 3D, you can download a 30 day free trial here.



Well, this isn't going to be the only entry for 2008 but I thought I'd state the obvious. Happy new year to anyone reading this, I hope you had a great Christmas break and enjoyed a thoroughly good New Year.

So, for 2008 I'm focussing much more on UK Government than in the past, this should give me the chance to get deeper under the skin of our customers and understand their needs much better.

i think 2008 is going to be a great year for Acrobat too, we have started with a nice new case study on Acrobat 3D where Porkka Finland, a Commercial Refrigeration Provider are streamlining their Design Review Process with Acrobat 3D.

Porkka Finland provides hotels, restaurants, and medical laboratories worldwide with refrigeration and cooling systems, customized to accommodate each customer’s engineering, environmental, and regulatory requirements. Key to successful design and delivery is the ability to quickly exchange detailed design documents with customers, installation specialists, and suppliers, but this can be difficult, as few people outside the company own the costly CAD or other applications required to view the native files. With Acrobat 3D, Porkka is able to convert design documents to platform and application-independent Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The resulting files are up to 95% smaller than native application files and provide more interactivity, such as enabling reviewers to add digital comments. Now the company’s collaboration processes have been accelerated by as much as 75% and time spent transmitting files has decreased significantly.

Get in! Nice one chaps