Well, this isn't going to be the only entry for 2008 but I thought I'd state the obvious. Happy new year to anyone reading this, I hope you had a great Christmas break and enjoyed a thoroughly good New Year.

So, for 2008 I'm focussing much more on UK Government than in the past, this should give me the chance to get deeper under the skin of our customers and understand their needs much better.

i think 2008 is going to be a great year for Acrobat too, we have started with a nice new case study on Acrobat 3D where Porkka Finland, a Commercial Refrigeration Provider are streamlining their Design Review Process with Acrobat 3D.

Porkka Finland provides hotels, restaurants, and medical laboratories worldwide with refrigeration and cooling systems, customized to accommodate each customer’s engineering, environmental, and regulatory requirements. Key to successful design and delivery is the ability to quickly exchange detailed design documents with customers, installation specialists, and suppliers, but this can be difficult, as few people outside the company own the costly CAD or other applications required to view the native files. With Acrobat 3D, Porkka is able to convert design documents to platform and application-independent Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The resulting files are up to 95% smaller than native application files and provide more interactivity, such as enabling reviewers to add digital comments. Now the company’s collaboration processes have been accelerated by as much as 75% and time spent transmitting files has decreased significantly.

Get in! Nice one chaps


and the same to you - Happy new 2008 :)


Can you provide a working example of this? We have been approached by multiple engineering, architectural, municipal and builder clients who have asked us to incorporate this functionality in to our CRM/CMS, Team-Logic.

Until now, if a client has the budget, we have had to provide a custom programming solution to solve this problem for them.

Delaware.Net, Inc is always looking for ways to expand our Adobe tool belt, feel free to send me an email with working examples and case studies.

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