BETT - Acrobat in Education

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So, we are 2 days into the BETT Education conference/exhibition at Olympia in London. 50% done, 50% to go and it's been a good event thus far.

Lots of interest from many different parties in the use of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Connect. Acrobat seems to be of interest rigt at the moment with respect to it's use in electronic student portfolios (ePortfolios). These living, changing documents allow students to build up a varied body of their work, use this for assessment, peer review and as a record of their development.

The way forward for eportfolios is unclear at the moment, the web often being touted as a panacea. No standards exist yet in this area and until ones emerge, perhaps it's best to think of using an information capture format that's managed by ISO (see below).... supports electronic documents, paper documents, multimedia, full commenting and review and runs well on around 90% of the worlds desktops.....with a high level ofcontent security...... I wonder.......


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Is it PDF Bob?

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