Surprisingly good!

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Yup, surprisingly good indeed, when I last wrote at the BETT show, I was halfway through the event and finishing a presentation I was planning to deliver a few times on the last two days of the event. Well, I was plesantly surprised by the reaction to it, I was talking about how Acrobat can be used for the production and maintenance of Student ePortfolios.

These are significantly different from a showcase type of portfolio, since we need to cater for transactional data, potentially collect all student work, archive for long periods and allow for refection and feedback whilst providing the right level of access security and rights control. Truly a living breathing document.... and of course, all easily achievable with Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional.

So, I had lots of interested education professionals listening and a host of questions after, a couple of invitations to visit and re-present the presentation (including one from the US). Tell you what, I'm happy. So if anyone out there wants to know what I think on the subject, drop me a comment.....

In other great news, Man United did a bit of a demolition job on Newcastle, let's hope the return of King Kevin helps them out a bit.... I believe he "would love it" if he could beat us... Keep trying Kev, keep trying.

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