What have I been doing??!!

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Well? What have I been up to?

It's been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted and I'm sorry not to have kept on top of things, so lets work this one out in chronological order...

First I ran a seminar to a couple of architectural practises in the midlands. It's still good to see that people appreciate the power of Acrobat when it comes to capturing 3D and 2D drawings and models, then enabling those drawings to be shared for collaboration purposes. It's also still a bit of a shame that more people are not aware of this capability, I must try harder to evangelise on this area.

From there we went into trade show mode, to add to the 4 days at the BETT education conference in early January, I spent a couple of days at the eLearning Technology event at Olympia. This was a surprisingly busy event, the Adobe stand was typically 7-8 people deep, spilling out into the aisles.... I should apologise to our neighbouring stands for spoiling the traffic throughput to their areas....meh, maye not!

I was surprised with how many organisations are big Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter users. Check out this link for more information on Adobe presenter, it's the easiest way to take Powerpoint presentations and easily turn them into interactive eLearning content.


Adobe Connect is then the simplest way to deliver this content to a widely dispersed audience and track their performance.

The FA Cup draw was cruel, giving man United a tough draw with Arsenal, no doubt the winner of that match looking lik the favourite for the cup!

From the eLearning show we went straight to a weekend kick-off for one of our resellers, where despite not having the biggest stand or the best Freebies, we were inundated by sales staff wanting to work out how to work with us more closely, nice one chaps. We made a load of great contacts, gave away a little software, and in the break, I discovered that I'm quite the Wii Tennis player on the sly.

Oh yes, the England lost to Wales, in a stunning display of shotgun-to-the-foot syndrome.....

What happened next? Oh yes, straight from there to New York for some training on Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional, it's a breeze to type that name (in-joke!) I'm now really getting to grips with the product and am going to end up as rabidly enthusiastic about it as I am Acrobat.

Walking to and from the training every day mean't I passed the scene of New York Fashion week, all I can comment on that is that I saw no models or paparazzi in the mornings, clearly this is an afternoon/evening type of job, one that my chisled/wisened/haggard good looks could handle at a canter. If only Adobe didn't need me so badly, oh well, maybe next life.

So it was back to blighty (thanks Silverjet) for a bit of jetlag and the Manchester derby, remembering 50 years ago how the Munich air disaster tragically ripped the heart out of the Busby babes. Sadly, City beat a lacklustre United side 2-1.........

I'm now planning for a team meeting this week and am about to start following up on all the leads and contacts that were generated by the mad rush at the end of January. I may have to buy a phone headset and go dialling for dollars.

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