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My colleague Steve Allison was quoted in the Financial Times yesterday in an article around the increased demand for distance learning (Connect anyone?) as corporates tighten their belts.....

Distance learning boosted by downturn – Financial Times, 17-03-08 PDF These are good times for distance learning. Steve Allison, a technical evangelist at Adobe, predicts significant changes in online learning. With employees increasingly mobile and working in remote locations, individuals will rely far more on e-learning. “With on-demand learning and instant access, the technology will allow you to push out all the information and it is then that you will get a change in the habit of learning,” he says. He says Adobe has found one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the acceptance of new technology is a traditional mentality, with older people reluctant to use the latest IT. To counter this, Adobe tries to ensure its products are easy to use.

Here's the link to the full article...,dwp_uuid=02e16f4a-46f9-11da-b8e5-00000e2511c8.html

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