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Little Ginger Beauty

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Well, what can I say, just look at his little face!!!!


Moscow here we come for an all English final!

Please excuse the 'Carry On' comedic title, just a quick reminder really.

I spoke today with someone using Acrobat but wondering how to convert a large number of existing documents, both PDF and Word into Accessible PDF. I believe he had almost got to the point of looking for some server based solution, when I reminded him of the batch processing commands in Acrobat professional.

Just look under
Advanced >> Documenbt Processing >> Batch Processing

Here you can easily create batch jobs that encapsulate many/all of the major commads that are available from the Acrobat menu system. Give it a try, it's ludicroulsly easy!

Oooh Matron!

Extending LiveCycle forms

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Extending LiveCycle Forms with JavaScript and FormCalc

If you use Adobe LiveCycle Designer, the Windows-only forms tool that comes with Acrobat 8 Professional and Acrobat 3D, you’ll want to log in to the second of our free, 75-minute Designer-related eSeminars — on April 16 (10 a.m. PDT) —

“Extending LiveCycle Forms with JavaScript and FormCalc.”

Thom Parker of Windjack Solutions will show how you can use JavaScript and FormCalc to extend the behavior of XML forms created in LiveCycle Designer. JavaScript enables automated forms handling, Web and database communication, commenting, additional user-interface capabilities and more.
This interactive session will cover:

• An introduction to the LiveCycle Designer scripting environment
• Practical script development, testing, and debug techniques
• Basic scripting examples in XML forms created with LiveCycle Designer
• Adding custom calculations
• Hiding and showing sections of a form
• Changing Form Field properties, such as border color
• Using check boxes, buttons, and combo boxes to control dynamic form features

Illness, who needs it?

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Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks, I was always adamant that this blog wouldn't wither and die just because no-one was reading it, I promised to keep writing this junk no matter what.

I've had a cold that knocked me back for the best part of a week! Now I know that none of the women reading this will give me an ounce, nay even a scintilla of sympathy on this one.... The phrase "Man Flu" will rear it's ugly head and I'll be thought of as some complaining work-shy malingerer. I do think chaps suffer from discrimination when it comes to illness in the workplace.... Still, 'twas my first illness this winter, I almost made the whole season without a cold.

Back at work, we were visited last week by my colleagues from San Jose and I was reminded about a great blog from my colleague Joel Geraci, his blog is called "PDF developer Junkie" and I reccommend a read, it's at..