Extending LiveCycle forms

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Extending LiveCycle Forms with JavaScript and FormCalc

If you use Adobe LiveCycle Designer, the Windows-only forms tool that comes with Acrobat 8 Professional and Acrobat 3D, you’ll want to log in to the second of our free, 75-minute Designer-related eSeminars — on April 16 (10 a.m. PDT) —

“Extending LiveCycle Forms with JavaScript and FormCalc.”

Thom Parker of Windjack Solutions will show how you can use JavaScript and FormCalc to extend the behavior of XML forms created in LiveCycle Designer. JavaScript enables automated forms handling, Web and database communication, commenting, additional user-interface capabilities and more.
This interactive session will cover:

• An introduction to the LiveCycle Designer scripting environment
• Practical script development, testing, and debug techniques
• Basic scripting examples in XML forms created with LiveCycle Designer
• Adding custom calculations
• Hiding and showing sections of a form
• Changing Form Field properties, such as border color
• Using check boxes, buttons, and combo boxes to control dynamic form features

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I want to have dates calculate when the first date field is entered by the user. Is that possible?

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