Illness, who needs it?

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Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks, I was always adamant that this blog wouldn't wither and die just because no-one was reading it, I promised to keep writing this junk no matter what.

I've had a cold that knocked me back for the best part of a week! Now I know that none of the women reading this will give me an ounce, nay even a scintilla of sympathy on this one.... The phrase "Man Flu" will rear it's ugly head and I'll be thought of as some complaining work-shy malingerer. I do think chaps suffer from discrimination when it comes to illness in the workplace.... Still, 'twas my first illness this winter, I almost made the whole season without a cold.

Back at work, we were visited last week by my colleagues from San Jose and I was reminded about a great blog from my colleague Joel Geraci, his blog is called "PDF developer Junkie" and I reccommend a read, it's at..

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I too have been suffering from the man flu.
Not much sympathy going around here for it either!!!!

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