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The double!

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No gloating, but I couldn't let this pass...


Well done chaps!

Well, I work in the public sector, so this is good news!

although, I think they should focus on inexpensive quick wins rather than larger amorphous blob It projects... empower the desktop user I say!


Prime minister Gordon Brown today signalled that he would continue New Labour's strategy of using IT to improve public services.

Speaking today, Brown said he wanted the government to do even more with IT.

"“My aim too is to ensure we utilise all the innovation at our disposal to improve public services in this country, and to give more power to those who use them," he said.

Brown said the government was looking at:

- crime mapping,
- electronic school report cards,
- online school records,
- electronic whiteboards in schools,
- computer imaging to help explain diagnostic tests to NHS patients,
- video-identification of crime suspects.

Brown said he would also encourage investment in the UK technology industry with a continued "light touch" on regulation.

“I will do all I can to ensure we remain the investment and cultural destination of choice for the creative industries and the technological businesses of the world," he said.

Brown also announced today he will do an online version of prime minister's questions for the public.

...Cool, perhaps he should be looking at Connect professional!

Adobe Presenter 7


Adobe Presenter 7 ! Now Available !

I use Adobe Presenter for taking my Powerpoint presentations and adding audio, navigation and quizes to turn them from information documents to training/knowledge transfer resources.... let's be honest, I'm not going to lie and say I create training material, that would be glamourising it somewhat, so let's call it knowledge transfer.

Anyway, if you are a corporate training professional wanting to have engaging flash training content created quickly, perhaps you're an educator wanting to provide on demand courseware for students, a marketing professional trying to create a high impact multimedia pitch for your offerings or a subject matter expert trying to create rapid training material, the new Adobe Presenter would make life a lot easier for you.

Adobe Presenter 7 has a number of new features and is available now. So, you are now able to create more engaging and impactful flash based multimedia content really easily and rapidly directly from Powerpoint. As ever, the key is still to make these features easy to use and well integrated into the Powerpoint interface.

Some of the key highlights of the new version are

Engaging, High Impact Training Creation:
Presenter 7 has smart multimedia capabilities like incorporating existing video in almost any format to your trainings as flash video and embedding video’s by capturing them directly out of your webcam.You can also create high quality content with Presenter 7 now supporting CD quality stereo audio and H.264video.

Quizzing has been enhanced significantly and quiz creation is now even easier, faster and more powerful. You can now have questions pooled together in groups and have a fixed number of questions selected randomly selected for each learner. The order of questions as well as answer options can be shuffled.

Wider Content Distribution
Creating engaging content for delivery to distributed audience is a key challenge that we have continued to address with Presenter 7. You are now be able to deliver content to mobile devices. You can also package your content as a PDF document with all the animations intact for easier distribution.

Increased Usability and Configurability
Presenter 7 is even easier to use with features to make your training content powerful and easy to create.

- Ability to restrict navigation for learners which is useful for compliance trainings.
- Easier incorporation of Captivate created swf’s with automatic updation of slide timings
- New format for storing audio (Y es, we have done away with PPC format)
- Bulk formatting of quiz questions for faster authoring
- Separate Quiz pane for easier navigation for the learners
- Fewer clicks for common tasks like slide management
- And a lot more …..

Halfway there


I have to mention this don't I.......


He's the Guv'nor


And these are the chaps!

I mean't to post this a while ago, sorry for tardiness. Hit this link to check out the list of winners in the recent Acrobat 3D PDF contest

You can then download and explore some of the winning entries in the 3D gallery here....

I particularly like the “Heart Structure, Function and Arrhythmias” [PDF: 6.6 MB] publication, it took first place in the Technical Publishing category.

It allows users to interact with objects through various means, including rotation and frame sequencing to show three-dimensional movies.

Also check the 3D human body model... ewwww! Well done Christian Lietzau :-)