Brown paves way for more UK public sector IT

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Well, I work in the public sector, so this is good news!

although, I think they should focus on inexpensive quick wins rather than larger amorphous blob It projects... empower the desktop user I say!


Prime minister Gordon Brown today signalled that he would continue New Labour's strategy of using IT to improve public services.

Speaking today, Brown said he wanted the government to do even more with IT.

"“My aim too is to ensure we utilise all the innovation at our disposal to improve public services in this country, and to give more power to those who use them," he said.

Brown said the government was looking at:

- crime mapping,
- electronic school report cards,
- online school records,
- electronic whiteboards in schools,
- computer imaging to help explain diagnostic tests to NHS patients,
- video-identification of crime suspects.

Brown said he would also encourage investment in the UK technology industry with a continued "light touch" on regulation.

“I will do all I can to ensure we remain the investment and cultural destination of choice for the creative industries and the technological businesses of the world," he said.

Brown also announced today he will do an online version of prime minister's questions for the public.

...Cool, perhaps he should be looking at Connect professional!

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