Acrobat 9 accessibility - what's new Steve?

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I visited a customer yesterday who asked about Accessibility in Acrobat, it's one of those areas we beat ourselves up about inside Adobe, perhaps unfairly.

Well, we've made some improvements, Acrobat 9 software includes some new accessibility features that I think, improve the performance of Acrobat when it interacts with assistive technologies such as screen readers.

New accessiblity features available in Acrobat 9 include:

* Table Editor tool in the TouchUp Read Order panel that facilitates the evaluation and repair of PDF tables for accessibility. The Table Editor tool features a user interface that provides users with an immediate indication of the scope and role of cells in tables within PDF files.

* TouchUp Read Order tool improvements that enhance support for editing multiline text blocks, and new Unicode-based text editing that in addition to the ISO Latin character set now provides direct support for Central European languages, with more to follow.

* Improved support for dynamic PDF forms that have been created using Adobe LiveCycle® Designer ES software. As tables render themselves according to the responses provided by users, the document's dynamic rendering is communicated to assistive technology.

For some more detailed information take a look here...

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