Acrobat 9 is here!


Yeah, you thought I had forgotten right? WRONG!

Not only is Acrobat 9 here, but it's brilliant. Now you know I'm biased so you're not going to believe me and I understand that, but you and I have a contract, it's unwritten but it exists nevertheless and it's something like this... I won't lie to you here and in return, you'll take everything I say with a pinch of salt, but then find out more for yourself. Thats the deal, anyway, back to the product....

There is a plethora of both new and upgraded features to tempt and excite the long time user and the novice alike. I'll pick on just a few today, let's start with one of the big headlines, how Adobe has built the Flash runtime into Acromobat and the free Adobe Reader....

The free Flash player is already deployed on something like 98% of the worlds connected devices, so why bother putting the Flash runtime into Acrobat? Well, it's going to fundementally change how we perceive both PDF documents and the Acrobat application itself. Let's look inside a PDF first.

It's now possible to drop any flash content directly into a PDF. We can insert Flash video, sales dashboards, widgets, mini applications, anything. Documents become more engaging, interactive and even a secure window back to corporate data and systems.

It goes further because with the full Acrobat Pro Extended, I can drag and drop pretty much any media file, (mov, wmf etc...) into my Acrobat window, the media then gets converted to Flash on-the-fly and is compressed. I've now got my video content in a compressed ubiquitous formthat people can also add TIME STAMPED COMMENTS to.

More on that some other time....

Looking outside an individual document, we have a concept called the PDF Portfolio... I reckon the Portfolio is one of the coolest additions to Acrobat in years. Portfolios give you the ability to very easily create a collection of related files and documents - complete with their own Flash based interface. The Portfolio can be read by the free Adobe Reader 9.0. but is also backwards compatable, so Reader 8 and 7 can still see the content, but without the new user interface.

Creating a Portfolio is childs play, you can choose from among the existing portfolio templates, there will be about 12 styles to choose from and then choose the behaviour and presentation within the portfolio template (for example, you can opt for files to be organised on a bitmap, or to revolve around in a carousel / iTunes CoverFlow-like fashion) for the welcome screen.

Then you drag and drop what you want to be in this Portfolio into the container. Portfolios remain organic documents; you can add files and folders to an existing portfolio as needed. A Portfolio outputs as a .PDF document...... like this....


Looks nothing like an ordinary PDF, but it's a PDF, still conforming to international standards, just a way more engaging way to deliver multiple items of content.

Portfolios are great for presentating lots of content and ideas to people, think of bidding / RFQ's, Marketing plans, design reviews, planning proposals, any work that involves complex ideas supported by multiple pieces of content can now be delivered in a highly professional, engaging way.

Go take a look at and tell me you're not impressed. :-)


please send the Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 for free of cost only.

Yes, but will it still be deathly slow on a Mac?

Acrobat 9 on my Mac launches in about .... 1 second ... very nice ;-)


Acrobat 9 is now also available for Middle Eastern languages.

These dedicated versions of Acrobat 9 gather all the characteristics of the US versions plus enhanced and advanced features to handle Middle Eastern languages (Right to Left direction, non-Roman text, Hindi digits, etc.).

More information on

yes pdf 9.00

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