Glamour - NOT!

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just a quick post to remind everyone that my life isn't all glamour and expensive foreign travel. Yesterday I made a quick (?!) jaunt through britains motorway network up to the north-north part of England to talk with a customer about.... Acrobat Connect professional.

But.... Steve... couldn't you have.... STOP, yes I know what you're thinking. Why didn't I use Connect Professional for the meeting and luxuriate at home instead? Well in this case, the customer wanted a face to face and didn't have a external connection to t'internet from this particular office. I never said Connect Professional would replace all travelling now did I?

Having said that, the meeting went well and another customer now sees the value of using Connect as a delivery and management system for rapid eLearning content. I didn't even talk about live meetings online, just the delivery of Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter created eLearning content.

Just wait until I show them the live meeting rooms!

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