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well, it's the topic of the month for many people, and (As Barry Norman used to say) why not. Portfolios can really change the way in which you present multiple pieces of related information. So yes, you can throw a lotta stuff together and make it look right pretty!

It’s really easy to make a PDF Portfolio and add files to it. You can create folders within your PDF Portfolio, delete component files and folders, edit component filenames, and add and edit descriptions of component files.

Use the Edit Portfolio pane to customize the layout, welcome page, header, and color scheme. You can also customize the File Details view with columns that you choose or create yourself.

How do I make a PDF Portfolio?
Choose File > Create PDF Portfolio.
(OK, that's an easy start)

So now how do I add files to a PDF Portfolio?
From an open PDF Portfolio, do one of the following:

* Choose File > Modify PDF Portfolio > Add Files, and select one or more files.
* Choose File > Modify PDF Portfolio > Add Existing Folder, and select a folder.
* On the desktop or from a folder, drag any files or folders into the PDF Portfolio work area.


Hmm, OK, how do I insert multimedia files in a PDF Portfolio?
You can convert component multimedia files, such as MOV, AVI, and WMV files, to PDF, SWF, or FLV files within a PDF Portfolio.

1. In Home View or File Details view, select one or more multimedia files in the PDF Portfolio.
2. In the PDF Portfolio toolbar, choose Modify > Convert To PDF or Convert To Flash Movie.
The Convert To Flash Movie command always converts to FLV format.
3. If a dialog box appears, specify the options as needed and click OK.

Choose your preferred layout

PDF Portfolio layout options enable you to present your bits and bobs in a layout that best fits your needs. For example, the Revolve layout allows readers to page through the document thumbnails one at a time, carousel style!

1. From an open PDF Portfolio, choose File > Modify PDF Portfolio > Edit Portfolio.
2. In the Edit Portfolio pane, select Choose A Layout.
3. If necessary, choose a category from the pop-up menu.
4. Click the layout you want.


You can also create your own custom layouts.

Now we're getting there.... Add a welcome page and header

You can include a welcome page and header in a PDF Portfolio. The welcome page, which appears when recipients open the PDF Portfolio file, can provide information or instructions for using the PDF Portfolio. To open or close the welcome page, click the Welcome Page button in the PDF Portfolio toolbar. The header appears at the top of the layout, and can contain important information like a logo, company name, and contact information. The welcome page and header can include text, images, or both, and can be arranged in various ways. You can even add a Flash animation (SWF or FLV file) to your welcome page.

1. Choose File > Modify PDF Portfolio > Edit Portfolio.
2. In the Edit Portfolio pane, choose Add Welcome & Header.
3. Select either Welcome Page or Header, and then select a template from the list.
4. Click in the boxes to add content.
5. As needed, select a text or image box and specify size, background color, and other properties.

Now I want my portfolio to have the colours I like

1. Choose File > Modify PDF Portfolio > Edit Portfolio.
2. In the Edit Portfolio pane, choose Select A Color Scheme.
3. Click the color buttons to preview color schemes, or click Customize Color Scheme and specify the colors.

portfolio colours.jpg

Can I save it now?

To save a portfolio, you can simply hit the option in your menu. However, you can publish the Portfolio from inside the Portfolio toolbar. You have 3 publishing options...

1. Save the portfolio to your hard drive
2. Email the portfolio, to someone you love
3. Publish the portfolio to and share with everyone.

portfolio publish.jpg

Phew! I'd better have a lay down now in a darkened room, too much typing makes my old knuckles hurt, plus I type like a blacksmith pounding away at a new horseshoe!

Take a look at pone of my own portfolios here....


If I create a portfolio in Acrobat Pro, can the contents be edited by someone who only has reader?

Can you put FrameMaker books or FrameMaker files into an Acrobat portfolio?
For example, can you place a whole doc set of various guides(user guide, reference guide, CLI guide) for one product in a single portfolio?

I am desparate. I made up a portfolio from several pdfs, each pdf has an absolute link in it. When I move the portfolio to another folder, the path of the link inside the sub-pdf file changes. This only happens if I put the pdf inside a portfolio. Any ideas?

Hi, Stephen

Spartacus looks good but you don't mention anything about Rich Media as far as I can see. Does it have facilities for file-sharing, collaboration and feedback commenting by annotations?

Bottom-line of course, how much does it cost?

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