MotoGP at Laguna Seca


WOW! I may have just watched the most intense 24 laps of MotoGP racing ever!

If you didn't catch it live, try to watch a replay of yesterdays MotoGP race at Laguna Seca. I'm used to the occasionbal race where the last 8-10 laps are exciting, but this time round we had Casey Stoner versus the Doctor from Lap 1.

Most poeple (me included and I'm a Rossi fan) expected Casey to disappear into the distance but wow what a race. the first 24 laps saw the best 2 riders in the world swapping the lead multiple times, whilst pulling a lead on the rest of the field at around 0.8 seconds a lap, no one else was near! Some of the overtaking moves caused me to issue expetives from the sofa, this was like Ali v Foreman or Federer v Nadal.... bloomin brilliant!

It was just such a shame that Casey made an error on the 24th, only 8 laps to go and could have been the best race ever!



so so true :) what a race ! and when Rossi overtook Stoner at Corkscrew , my godness...!!! Hope to see that in Brno as well

What a childish winger Stoner is! That was the most exciting moto gp I have ever see and whereas Rossi has respect and even admiration for Stoners skills, Stoner comes across as being childish and churlish, and gives Rossi no credit. Two great bikes, two great riders and on exactly the same compound tyres, truly a contest of the greats-may the best man win, oh sorry, he did!!

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