Reader 9 available.....


Hiya, so, Reader 9 is available for free download from well the actual url is....

You'll see the page looks like this......


I'm sure I'll get comments on the size of Reader 9, someone will mention the word 'bloat' but once you've used the new capabilities and worked with a flash enabled PDF, you might, just might change your mind.

Also, did you notice the little eBay download option? It's our AIR based way of accessing eBay from your desktop, without a browser.... go on, give it a go.


Clicking on the link you provides only gives me an option for downloading Acrobat 8.1.2. (Mac OS X Intel).

But Ali gave a link in his Adobe blog which led here which gives the Acro 9 option:

but where can i find 9.0 reader for Linux? when it will be ready? i had removed my 8.1.2 already but found no download link for 9.0 for Linux OS. :(

Give us AR for Linux version, please. We don't use Win anymore.

i need arcobat reader 9.0

thanks ,im only reviewing archives

where can i fine 9.0.115

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