Olympics - Well, I had to say something!

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I'm almost lost for words, yeah, like that's going to happen. So the GB team have surpassed their target of 35 medals (at least that's what I heard the target was). More importantly, the colour of those medals has been the surprise, 16 Golds with a possible 2-3 more (being optomistic).

What I really have enjoyed though, is the cycling. I can't remember a time where Great Britain have been so dominant in an Olympic discipline. It's a wonderful change to see British athelets step into an arena and see the competition think... oh no, it's a Brit! Rare and lovely to watch. I was lucky enough to watch some of the cycling world championships in Manchester, many people were worried that the GB team had peaked too soon (myself amongst them) but we've shown how well we can prepare when the funding and setup is right.

Well done to all our sportsmen and women and a little thanks also to UK Sport who seem to have put all the right elements together.

Oh well, back to work!

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