Acrobat 9 - multimedia!

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Hot on the heels of the portfolios mentioned below.....

A friend of mine (he'll hate me saying that) sent me a url for a website from David Gilmour (Pink Floyd anyone), well it seems the site conbtains some really excellent multimedia PDF's.... so i checked it out....


....and by crimminy, it does!

Here's the url:

My friends tell me that Mr Gilmour may at one time have been in "the Floyd"

The PDF files were created by another talented chap, Harry Hemus, if you like what he's done (and why wouldn't you eh?), then check his website..

....Great use of PDF Harry.

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Thanks for the kind words Steve ... If anyones interested, I've just completetd the first draft of a complete album ( not just a promo ) for a band in Brum using these techniques.



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