Acrobat Connect - Saves the day

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Well, it really did you know.... I'm not lying!

I had the opportunity to present to some very senior chaps at a systems integrator and facilities management company a couple of days ago.

Unfortunately, as I arrived at their offices I found out that the MD was unable to attend because there had been some serious train issues. As a result, we started the meeting with the MD on a speakerphone. Luckily we were talking about Adobe Connect, so we asked if he was at a laptop and it turned out he was.

I read out the url for my meeting room and within a minute we had a Connect conference up and running with my webcam, full screen sharing and the presentation recommenced.

Unsurprisingly everyone was really happy with the ease of connecting and general usability, I think the perception in the past was that you had tpo trade of easy accessibility with functionality.... not with Adobe Connect.

Sorry there, sounded like a sales bloke, won't happen again.

Don't forget, to try this out yourself, just pop along to

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