Chrome works well with Adobe Reader 9!


Well done to those pluckky chaps at Google. You may not have heard of them but they're a software company based in California (seems there's quite a buzz there at the moment). It seems they've decided to have a go at writing a browser, well as I type I'm editing my Blog using this thing called "Chrome" I believe it's currently in what's called 'Beta'.

Do you know what? It might just get me upgrading from Internet Explorer 3 that I've been using all these years! Perhaps more importantly, I've been using it to open and run Adobe Acrobat documents and all looks well, but that's not really a surprise now is it?

Watching this space with interest........


Personally I like it. We're a web application development company in the UK. After a day of test and apart from the few expected bugs in the beta version, the overall impression has been really good.

We'll be recommending it to clients I know that much.

Seems to give our applications a welcome speed boost (flex), and we all very much like the desktop icon idea.

overall I hope more people take notice and it goes well for google.

tinylion development UK

It seems to work pretty well with Connect as well, at least with some of my own basic testing.

Well, you may think that Chrome works well with Acrobat, but my personal experience is that Chrome will not open a single Acrobat PDF file it is pointed at. It simply returns an error message saying the file cannot be found and blanks the Tab.
Useless Help with nothing like a hint -- Chrome Blog has several messages from other users describing the same behavior.

I have adobe /acrobat versions 3 through 8 on my PC and have twenty second delays while attempting to scroll a document in adobe under Chrome.
How do I clear out all the old versions of adobe acrobat and begin with a clean slate for version 8 or is it 9 to read document, please?

To Eric Lerner: I found the same problem with my chrome. After changing some internet settings in Adobe, this problem disappeared. Go to edit>preferences>internet and select the option "open in browser".

will it help my computer?because it wont let me go to tickettoread.can you help me?

I too am unable to download a pdf initiating the request through Chrome -- also aggrevating is that I cannot use hotmail under Chrome -- I can read but not type messages...

Anyone have a solution other than a new operating system?


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