Driving driving driving

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This must be my least green week ever. Through dint of some awful planning, I spent/am spending....

Monday, working from, saving the planet and such
Tuesday, in Cambridge
Wednesday, Penzance (5.5 hours in the car each way, ouch!)
Thursday, London office, well done Steve, used the train. Slept all the way in!
Friday, Up to Manchesterford to see a customer, then off to Durham..
Saturday, presentation in Durham followed by drive home
Sunday, make a Steve shaped dent in the sofa

Total miles 1400.... Effect on global health, nasty! Status of Steve, older and wisened!

Let this be a lesson to us all, with some better planning I could have removed the need for 2 of these trips using Acrobat Connect Professional. I have been doing so recently and this week has served as a good reminder of just how beneficial to my health the reduction in travel has been, thanks to using Connect!

BTW: I look awful rigtht now as I type, I need some sleep.

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