Not always in a suit


I'm not always in a suit.

It seems I'm being lambasted for posting a pic of me that shows me as some kind of uptight pencil neck in a suit (Albeit a crushingly handsome pencilneck)

I think it's important to show that I have a lighter, more casual side (as if the purple and pink stripey tie wasn't enough) so here goes....

Here I am in relaxed weekend attire, describing to a close friend how big somethign is, the rest of the details are unimportant!


More product stuff to follow later......... I'm still getting high on using Acrobat Portfolios....


I believe the conversation was "She was this close to running away as she neared me at the altar, but luckily the mind-altering drugs kicked in and she went through with it! Now go on, let's have a Pimm's..."

As Steve explains how close he was to having to fly in a 'bride' from the Philippines, the young lady is so bored she resorts to amusing herself by creating hand shadow butterflies on her chest!

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