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Acrobat 9 Shared review


I really should remind you about Shared Reviews... Everyone that I show this to seems to get the concept really easily and, more to the point, they seem to like it....

With Adobe® Acrobat® 9 software, you can shorten review cycles and enable everyone on your team to see and respond to each other's comments as they're made, without turning into a bunfight! Best of all, you have all the comments combined in a single file that you can view and control to help you keep your work on track.

So, let's start by initiating a shared review:

1.Prepare the PDF file. Save the PDF file you want participants to review. If you want to call attention to particular questions or topics for discussion, add comments to the PDF file.


2.Send the PDF file for a shared review. Choose Comments > Send for Shared Review. You can share any document that can be modified with comments. If a document has security settings that do not allow comments, you will be notified....


3.Select a method for collecting comments. You decide where to post the PDF file and collect comments from reviewers. Select "Automatically download & track comments with Acrobat.com" or "Automatically collect comments on my own internal server" to use any of your own network servers.

collect comments.jpg

4.Invite reviewers. Enter the e-mail addresses for recipients, or select the addresses from your e-mail address book, and then set a deadline. After the deadline, commenting tools will no longer be available on the shared review server, your reviewers will have missed the boat.


5.Send the PDF file. Click Send to post the PDF file to the server and send e-mail invitations to the review participants. A copy of the shared review file will be saved in the same location, with the word "review" appended to it, so you won't mistake it for the original.


Now you're ready to go. Once you've started a shared review, you can read and reply to comments on the shared review server. You can also read all the comments after the review is over. Use the Tracker, within Acrobat, to see who has commented, send e-mail reminders to reviewers, or change the deadline.

It's all really easy and well, it just works! If you want to use Acrobat.com as your review server, just browse on over there and set up a FREE account. You'll get gigabytes of fre disc space that will always remain free and anyone you invite can access the documents there for easy commenting and review.

Now that I've hit you with some business stuff, I've earned the right to talk non-business with you..... most people don't read this far down anyway I reckon. So I think I could say pretty much anything I wanted and no-one would notice........ Oohhh it's tempting, it really is... politics, religion, sheds! All taboo topics can be discussed here now....

Sooo.... weather's been a bit chilly recently huh?

Oh OK, I'll come up with something more controversial tomorrow..... TTFN


Normal Service

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Wow, I've been on the road again for the last 2 weeks and as a result haven't had the time to post much about my oh-so-glamorous life. Leeds anyone? Leicester? London? Legoland? Yes it's been a fortnight of places begining with the letter 'L' I'm living on Sesame Street!

Acrobat and LiveCycle

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Well, Lytham St Annes more like, but it's close enough to see the tower! I visited an existing client to show them how much unexplored value there was in the Acrobat product. As usual Acrobat 9 delivered and the guys were really interested in its capabilities around Collaboration, data gathering through eForms and the security features available.

As is often the case, the discussions also led us towards considering Adobe's LiveCycle suite, take a look here for some more information..


"Adobe LiveCycle® ES (Enterprise Suite) software is an integrated server solution that blends data capture, information assurance, document output, process management, and content services to help you create and deliver rich and engaging applications that reduce paperwork, accelerate decision-making, and help ensure regulatory compliance."

Well, erm, whatever, but the point being that many of the things you can do in Acrobat that are very much user driven, can be automated and enhanced with the LiveCycle suite of server based applications.

It looks like this....


If you like the way Acrobat works with eForms, this can be scaled up to an enterprise level with LiveCycle Forms ES.... Want to automate the generation of PDF files from your data systems, LiveCycle PDF Generator, Oh that's all well and good Steve, but my business processes aren't up to scratch yet... LiveCycle Process management ES.... the list goes on but you get the point.


Back from a short holiday

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Flew back from Italy on Sunday night, woke up Monday and by the afternoon had a cold, aww blow it, let's call it man-flu. Why does this always happen on flights to me?