Acrobat Flash Commenting Security Kitchen Sink

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I was visiting a customer this week when I was asked a question that flummoxed (check that spelling there) me.

I had been showing how easy it is now to incorporate Adobe Flash content inside a PDF file. Everyone was pleased and decided that this would be their preferred method for sharing prototype Flash apps with each other (not everyone was on the same network) in a nice secure wrapper. (I had already shown how easy it is to add security to a PDF.)

Now, since I had also shown how we can use Acrobat and PDF as a method for enabling commenting and general collaboration, the audience put two and two together and thought, "great we can send out our flash work and comment on it". Now I wanted to confidently say "yes, that's a cinch" but I couldn't, I'm just too darn honest... well, I didn't have a clue actually, so I promised to go away and find out if you could.

Good news everyone! (I've always wanted to say that)... Thanks to my colleague Joel Geraci with his huge brain and great Blog, I found the answer from way back in August....

There, Joel explains exactly how you can do just that, it takes a little coding but if you're a Flash programmer, I suspect that shouldn't be a massive issue.

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