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Soooo, tomorrow I'm presenting at the Green IT Expo at London's Barbican.

More details of the event can be found here:

I'm really pleased to have the opportunity to present there because I think IT has the opportunity (and has had for some time) to make a considerable positive impact on the way we use our planet's resouces and how much damage our daily work does to the environment.

I'll mainly try to talk about how Green IT is actually a win-win scenario for organisations, as long as they understand the need to make their systems engaging for customers and other stakeholders. I think we can not only reduce our impact on the environment, but reduce our costs at the same time and make the lives of our customers that much easier... perhaps that's win-win-win... :-)

I hope I do a good job there, I always wonder/worry that i'm not delivering enough value in my presentations, hope to tell you about it on Thursday.... I'll count the number of people who nod off during my 30 mins....

1 Comment

Hi Steve,

We are an Adobe partner in Auckland NZ and I am the BDM associated with the product here. Would love to see a copy of your presentation if your happy to share it with us.

Many thanks,


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