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Summer is coming

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It's December 22nd and for all of us Northern Hemisphere-ers it means just one thing.... The days are getting longer and Summer is coming.

I'm back from Holiday/Sales Confrence / Illness and for 2009 am solely focussed on Acrobat. I'll still be using Connect Pro for demos etc. In fact I have one coming up in an hour so I'd better go prep.


In San Jose....

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So yes, I do know the way.

It's been a while since posting and I now find myself in San Jose at Adobe's annual sales conference. Yup FY09 has started. Now, I can't tell you anything that happens this week from a company prspective, but if I do anything noteworthy, I'll brag about it here... (don't hold your breath).

It's currently 06:57 here and I've been up since 04:30, don't you just love a little jetlag?

News news news, I've been using PDF portfolios for a while now and they're a really great way of pulling information together. However, there are many peopel out there taking the portfolio work to the next level (see some past posts on Portfolios). Adobe have pulled some of the more fun ones together.... take a look here...

I like the work of Naked Penguin Boy myself, don't read anything into that.....