Acrobat Version Compatability

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Hi there, let's talk about version compatibility of Acrobat PDFMakers. I get asked about this quite a lot and it has been a difficult question to answer.... until now, thanks to the work of my colleagues in the US.

A quick reminder, a PDFMaker is an Acrobat feature that operates within many business applications, such as Microsoft Office applications, AutoCAD, and Lotus Notes. When you install Acrobat onto your computer, PDFMaker buttons appear in the authoring application. Using PDFMaker within an authoring application is a simple, one-click procedure.

The PDFMakers were introduced with Acrobat 3.0 so they've been around for quite some time now, but I'm surprised how many people still "Print to PDF" even from applications like MSWord, Excel and so on. Now, there are PDFMakers for a load of applications.

Because PDFMakers run in 3rd party applications and we rely on their APIs to help us add navigational controls to the resulting PDF, we've been able to add new capabilities to the PDFMakers over time as the APIs in the native applications become more robust. Unfortunately, the 3rd party APIs are not consistent across versions and we need to drop support for a particular PDFMaker feature on a particular version of the 3rd party software.

To help better understand which version of Acrobat works best with which version of your other desktop applications, My colleague Joel Geraci has published a convenient table which lists the supported and unsupported version information about 3rd party applications supported for PDFMakers across the last 4 Acrobat versions.

You can see this table on Joel's Blog here...

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