Adobe Reader - your chance to influence the next gen!



I occasionally hear people complain about the things they don't like about Adobe Reader. It's a free product with loads of really great features, but of course, everyone would like things to be just right for them. just like I prefer my first cup of coffee to have a little brown sugar, then I'm sugar free for the rest of the day!

So, now's your chance to influence what's going to happen with one of the worlds most widely distributed pieces of software.

The handsome, intelligent, witty and urbane people that make up the Adobe Reader Team would like to know what all of you want most in the next versions of Adobe Reader. Faster? Smaller? Easier to use? More pastel colours? Feature additions? OK the way it is?

For details see:

If you mention I sent you, please include the line about them being handsome, witty, intelligent etc... :-)


First of all, I'd like to see more for the vastly ignored MAC users.
Second, my Mobile is a Moto Z9, for which you do not have any downloads available. I might be interested in finally purchasing Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop if it were available for my hardware, iPod video included. I'd love to have an iPod Touch, but I'm disabled and bankrupt, so it looks like by the time I can afford it, the next generation of everything will be out. And so it goes...

I am having trouble finding a reader, or instructions, to read not only pdf files (which the manual says I can do) but also other ebook files. Years ago, I read ebooks on my Palm pilot and it was marvelous especially after my husband wanted to sleep. I could read with minimal light with a dark background and light words. I wanna read like this again with my new 120GB iPod Classic. All that memory and power with no application that I can find....Help!

I'm the same as Suzanne, I'd love to have an Adobe Reader for iPod Touch. I just bought the 2nd generation iPod Touch 360GB and I can't read half my eBooks because there's no program for it. I have other eBooks that I can read with eReader, but the rest are through Adobe Reader. Please, help me get my eBooks back!

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