Update on Portfolios

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On Monday I presented to my fellow colleagues (now that phrase doesn't look right to me!) on the subject of Portfolios in Acrobat.... yup, it's a theme right now.

Well I wanted to reinforce the session with something and I was plesantly surprised when this video appeared at the Adobe Lounge.... What's that you say? You haven't heard of the Adobe lounge? Well it's home to a whole series of Podcasts and Vidcasts covering tips, tricks and hints about using Acrobat.... So, not the sleazy wine bar you might have thought it was.

here's the url for the main page...


....and here's the url for the Vidcast on using Portfolios, featuring computer guru Steve Dotto of DottoTech and Adobe's Stephen Fehr.


To watch the video, just click on the little "Pod" logo.

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