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I've been painting and for those who've been whining that I only include 'nice' pics of myself, here's what I looked like... it isn't pretty....


Told you!

Before we start, I know I'm a week late on this but I've been out an about a bit... (see the entry below!)

Anyways, Recently the Associated Press was able to uncover some of the confidential details of the settlement between Facebook and ConnectU. They were able to do this because whoever “redacted” the confidential information contained in the settlement document, did not actually redact the information. Instead of properly redacting information from the document, the person simply put white boxes over the sensitive and therefore “redacted” information.

Thanks to this oversight, and I quote here..... “The Associated Press was able to read the blacked-out portions by copying from an electronic version of the document and pasting the results into another document.”

I'm sure I've bored you with this stuff before but for those at the back who may not have heard.. there are great redaction tools built into Adobe Acrobat 8.0 and 9.0. If your company (law firms especially) doesn't have either of these versions it's time to get yourself upgraded. At the same time, it might be a good idea to train your lawyers and staff on how to do redaction correctly and easily with Acrobat.

Redacting stuff the Acrobat way.....

1. Choose View > Toolbars > Redaction.
2. (Optional) To set the appearance of redaction marks, click Redaction Properties.
3. Select the Mark For Redaction tool .
4. Mark items you want to remove by doing any of the following:
* Double-click to select a word or image.
* Press Ctrl as you drag to select a line, a block of text, an object, or an area.
Use this method to select areas of a page in a scanned document.

To preview how your redaction marks will look, hold the pointer over the marked area.


5. To redact the marked items, click Apply Redactions in the Redaction toolbar.
6. Click OK to remove the items. The items aren’t permanently removed from the document until you save it.
7. If you want to search for and remove hidden information in the document by using the Examine Document
feature, click Yes. Otherwise, click No.
8. Choose File > Save, and specify a filename and location. If you don’t want to overwrite the original file, save the
file to a different name, location, or both.

...and finally as Sir Trevor MacDonald would say..

Gloucester lost in a close fought, low scoring game of rugby with Harlequins, but the bonus point earned keeps us top of the table, temporarily..

Guinness Premiership : Table

1 Gloucester 15 50 46
2 Sale 14 69 45
3 London Irish 15 117 43
4 Bath 13 62 42
5 Harlequins 14 54 39

Busy ol' Thursday

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What a busy day I had yesterday, SIX Acrobat 9 seminars in Manchester and around York. Now, I know I can use Connect for this kind of thing and in fact, I shall be running 6 eSeminars next Tuesday and Thursday. In this case though I think it helped to be face to face onsite.

As has recently been the trend, we were talking about ePortfolios, running Flash inside Acrobat and Reader, enabling the free reader to add Comments, digital signatures etc., working with 3D models, converting video on the fly and dynamic eForms, you know, all those things that ONLY ACROBAT CAN DO :-)

Did I shout there, sorry. It was a good day though and I look forward to running more seminars an masterclasses in the future, let me know if you want me to run one for your organisation!

Looking at the route of the day.....


Perhaps I should use Connect more often!

Acrobat.com and MS Project


I noticed today a few nice reviews of Acrobat.com and thought I should point to them so that you don't just have to take my word for it that it's a blooming good service.

So, first of all Tom Strumski notes that.....

"The exciting part is the ability to easily share documents, thus eliminating the need for large email attachments."

I forget how much of a pain large emails can be.... read his full thoughts here

Tom Johnson on the other had has checked out Connect Now at Acrobat.com and likes the free virtual meeting room...

But my favourite quote has to go to Adrian Rodriguez who, regarding Connect Now simply says

"First of all, it completely rocks my face off."

Adrian, I hope we haven't hurt your face too much by rocking it off. Didn't John Woo make a film about that a few years ago?

In other, unconnected news.... see what I did there? I'm wondering if you, dear reader, ever use Microsoft Project. If you do and you're currently reading these words, I wonder if you could do me a small favour and add a short comment on the Blog saying so? I'm interested in finding out 2 things....

1. Is there a group of people using MS Project that are interested in Acrobat and PDF generally.
2. Is anyone reading this?

Grazie Mille

I was talking with a customer just a few minutes ago regarding customising the deployment of Acrobat 9, so mentioned the Customisation Wizard. This reminded me of an article posted very recently by Technical Evangelist and PDF Developer Junkie Joel Geraci.

He posted an article, video and a "kit" for Acrobat 9 deployment. He has included the Adobe Customization Wizard 9, which allows IT managers to set default configurations for both Acrobat 9 and Adobe Reader 9 on Windows prior to deployment, including document collaboration settings.

This includes setting the following collaboration and commenting features for all users whom the customized installer is deployed to:

- Disabling all Acrobat.com features, for those in a locked-down environment where users cannot post any data to an external server
- Disable only specific Acrobat.com features, such as the ability to initiate of Shared Reviews; initiation of live collaboration and screen sharing; the 'Go to Acrobat.com' menu item; sharing documents via Acrobat.com; and Buzzword document creation
- Add preconfigured network folder, web server folder (WebDAV) or Microsoft SharePoint Workspace servers locations for Shared Reviews
- Add custom or browser-based online comment repositories for legacy workflows
- Changing the default file types that can be attached to PDF documents (for security purposes)

There are a whole host of other settings that can be preconfigured using this tool, including a direct MSI installation table editor and a Registry key tool, so check out Joel's blog or go to the Adobe Customization Wizard 9 page here for more information, including a link to download it (it's free, by the way).

By the way, documentation on deploying Acrobat and Reader can also be obtained from the Adobe Developer Connection.

Thanks for the info goes to Ali Hanyaloglu

Acrobat and the PDF workflow

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So, the Publishing Expo went OK, I'll be honest, not the best presentation/demo I've ever given. I didn't help myself by getting my finish time for the presentation wrong and only allowing myself 35 minutes instead of 45, I wondered why I was having to speed through some content. However, I'm going to try and rectify things by using Captivate to capture my demonstration of Acrobat's publishing tools.

This week I'm out visiting some of our channel partners again and greaty looking forward to the experience. A week or so ago, I visited a couple of partners and was simply asked "What can Acrobat do that some other products can't". Well, all it took was around 10 minues showing ePortfolios, Multimedia and Flash capabilities, Reader enablement and those chaps were sold. We've been developing Acrobat for years and guess what, we've been doing more than just tinkering with the menus, there's real DEPTH of capability there. Other products might look similar, but in comparison, it's just a veneer.

By the way, I should also point out that the Acrobat User Community have a free eSeminar running on the 18th Feb at 10:00 am US Pacific time, that's 6:00pm UK time, perhaps not the most convenient but worth a look if you can. It's being run by my colleague Ali Hanyaloglu and despite his tricky to pronounce name, he knows all you'd ever want to know about Acrobat.

To join the eSeminar, register at this link.... http://www.acrobatusers.com/events/online/279

Ali would love to have you along!


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Well, let's hope tomorrow goes better!

Publishing Expo 2009

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Hiya, as I sit here typing I don't know what I'm nore worried about... 1. My presentation tomorrow at the Publishing Expo 2009 (at Olympia, hope to see you there) or 2. England against Spain starting in around 15 mins.

Actually, I'm looking forward to the Publishing Expo, I enjoy doing the one to many Acrobat seminars and events and think they're really invaluable in terms of getting the message across to our customer base.


The only issue I have is that I always assume the publishing crowd (especially) are so knowledgeable on Acrobat that I've got to deliver some high value stuff.... oh well, I'll be back online after the footy finishes I expect1


A whole week has gone by

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It has indeed, a whole week and I haven't posted a blog entry. Last week was pretty darned hectic but I did manage to go and see a few of our resellers. The times they are a biting, I really shouldn't misquote like that. Times are hard and people are, not unnaturally looking to economise, who could have failed to notice even Microsoft announcing redundancies?

It's noticeable that my seminars on Acrobat spend more time talking about the functionality that means you don't have to buy other software, rather than just 'cool stuff Acrobat can do'. There's a whole host of eForms tools, OCR software, Archiving, Redaction and 3D viewers you don't need to buy and install, the list goes on.... Presentation software, documnt compression/zip tools, even collaboration services (thanks, Acrobat.com).

The number of times I visit a client or partner and find that they have spent money on software with capabilities that they already have in Acrobat... well, it's too many to count and a real shame. I really must do a better job of articulating our value to people.

As i've been typing it's also snowed here, so in recognition of my childlike inability to concentrate on any given subject for more than a couple of minutes, here's a pic!


OK, so it's not that impressive, if you look closely, you can just make out the footprints of a mouse that was briefly inconvenienced by the snow but that's about it.... I'm not proud, just easily distracted.