A whole week has gone by

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It has indeed, a whole week and I haven't posted a blog entry. Last week was pretty darned hectic but I did manage to go and see a few of our resellers. The times they are a biting, I really shouldn't misquote like that. Times are hard and people are, not unnaturally looking to economise, who could have failed to notice even Microsoft announcing redundancies?

It's noticeable that my seminars on Acrobat spend more time talking about the functionality that means you don't have to buy other software, rather than just 'cool stuff Acrobat can do'. There's a whole host of eForms tools, OCR software, Archiving, Redaction and 3D viewers you don't need to buy and install, the list goes on.... Presentation software, documnt compression/zip tools, even collaboration services (thanks, Acrobat.com).

The number of times I visit a client or partner and find that they have spent money on software with capabilities that they already have in Acrobat... well, it's too many to count and a real shame. I really must do a better job of articulating our value to people.

As i've been typing it's also snowed here, so in recognition of my childlike inability to concentrate on any given subject for more than a couple of minutes, here's a pic!


OK, so it's not that impressive, if you look closely, you can just make out the footprints of a mouse that was briefly inconvenienced by the snow but that's about it.... I'm not proud, just easily distracted.

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