Acrobat 9 Deployment and Collaboration Settings

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I was talking with a customer just a few minutes ago regarding customising the deployment of Acrobat 9, so mentioned the Customisation Wizard. This reminded me of an article posted very recently by Technical Evangelist and PDF Developer Junkie Joel Geraci.

He posted an article, video and a "kit" for Acrobat 9 deployment. He has included the Adobe Customization Wizard 9, which allows IT managers to set default configurations for both Acrobat 9 and Adobe Reader 9 on Windows prior to deployment, including document collaboration settings.

This includes setting the following collaboration and commenting features for all users whom the customized installer is deployed to:

- Disabling all features, for those in a locked-down environment where users cannot post any data to an external server
- Disable only specific features, such as the ability to initiate of Shared Reviews; initiation of live collaboration and screen sharing; the 'Go to' menu item; sharing documents via; and Buzzword document creation
- Add preconfigured network folder, web server folder (WebDAV) or Microsoft SharePoint Workspace servers locations for Shared Reviews
- Add custom or browser-based online comment repositories for legacy workflows
- Changing the default file types that can be attached to PDF documents (for security purposes)

There are a whole host of other settings that can be preconfigured using this tool, including a direct MSI installation table editor and a Registry key tool, so check out Joel's blog or go to the Adobe Customization Wizard 9 page here for more information, including a link to download it (it's free, by the way).

By the way, documentation on deploying Acrobat and Reader can also be obtained from the Adobe Developer Connection.

Thanks for the info goes to Ali Hanyaloglu

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